Morgan Neville to film Cristina Pato in Galicia

Oscar Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville and his team will be visiting Galicia to film Cristina Pato in her homeland for the upcoming The Sound of Silk, a documentary the director is making about the Silk Road Esemble with Yo Yo Ma.

In Neville’s own words “The Sound of Silk will serve as a lens for larger questions about cultural identity in a global society, and the potential for individuals to act as catalysts for change. Like the ancient Silk Road itself, The Sound of Silk will make the foreign familiar while challenging long-held notions of identity and our place in the world.”.

Neville and Cristina will be shooting between August 14th and 18th in Ourense, Armariz, A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela. The Sound of Silk is scheduled to be premiered in 2015.

Morgan Neville

Morgan Neville and his team filming with Cristina in New York City

Cristina Pato at the Vail International Dance Festival

Cristina Pato & Lil Buck in "Street Scenes"

Cristina Pato & Lil Buck in “Street Scenes”

In Cristina’s fourth season at the Vail International Dance Festival in Colorado, USA, she performed Mozart piano concerto for one of the greatest dancers of all time, the retired italian prima ballerina assoluta Alessandra Ferri and Festival Artist-in-Residence Herman Cornejo.

Collaborating closely with Damian Woetzel, Cristina participated in the world premiere of the new piece Street Scenes, co-composed by herself and Xan Padrón for the occasion, and which provided the perfect soundtrack for Lil Buck, King Charles (both of them Madonna’s dancers), Stringz and Prime Tyme to show their breathtaking dancing prowess, choreographed by Damian Woetzel (see the video below).

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The Gaita and Orchestra Commissioning Project

Cristina’s Gaita and Orchestra Commissioning Project has been awarded a grant from american organisation New Music USA.

New Music USAThis project is the materialisation of Cristina’s dream of building a gaita and orchestra repertory. In the last years in the US, Cristina has already had many offers from orchestras to do something, so she decided to start a round of commissions in order to create a repertory that would combine her two passions: world music and classical music and her expertise in both fields. To help her in this challenge, Cristina has chosen composers Octavio Vazquez, Emilio Solla and David Bruce.

With this new boost to the project, Cristina is confident she will be presenting the new pieces for gaita and orchestra in two years. One of the concerts is in fact already scheduled to be premiered in Barcelona (with Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès) and Chicago (with Chicago Sinfonietta) next season, and Cristina is already in talks to premiere the other two.

In her 15 years of solo career, Cristina has collaborated with orchestras such as Chicago Symphony, The World Orchestra or the Galician Symphony Orchestra.