Cristina Pato’s Residency at the College of the Holy Cross

Time, Memory, Identity

On September 23rd through the 25th, Cristina will be at the College of the Holy Cross presenting My Lethe Story, as part of the Arts Transcending Borders initiative.

From the College of the Holy Cross own website:

In this concert and panel discussion, ATB Artist-in-Residence Cristina Pato is joined by fellow Silk Road Ensemble member Shane Shanahan, renowned clarinetist Todd Palmer and musicians from the Boston-based A Far Cry. Faculty from CreateLab, an innovative pedagogical experiment and an outgrowth of ATB, share insights on the interrelationship between time, memory and identity. Program features Cristina Pato’s “My Lethe Story,” and Osvaldo Golijov’s “The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind.” Pato weaves her native Galicia and the mythical Lethe, the River of Forgetfulness, into a powerful story on a loved one’s memory loss. Inspired by the great Kabbalist rabbi Isaac the Blind, Golijov’s Dreams and Prayers is a meditation on life, Judaism, and music — the primordial human expression “with the power to build castles of sound in our memories.”

Below you can find the schedule of Cristina’s residence activities:

Tuesday, September 23 │7 PM

Performance & Panel Discussion
Brooks Concert Hall, College of the Holy Cross
Cristina Pato, bagpipes, piano and voice Todd Palmer, clarinet
Shane Shanahan, percussion
Musicians from A Far Cry

Panel will include:
Renée Beard, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Mark Freeman, Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology
Cristina Pato, ATB Visiting Artist-in-Residence
and Charles S. Weiss, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Corporate and Foundation

Cristina Pato: My Lethe Story, The River of Forgetfulness Osvaldo Golijov: The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind

Wednesday, September 24 │8:30 AM
MUSIC OF SPAIN: Assembly performance and workshop with students
Cristina Pato and Shane Shanahan Worcester Arts Magnet School

Thursday, September 25│6 – 8 PM
CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: At the Intersection of Business and the Arts Dinner Speaker Series with ATB Artist-in-Residence Cristina Pato
Hogan Center – Suite A, College of the Holy Cross

What is cultural entrepreneurship? Get hands-on experience as a cultural entrepreneur at this workshop led by Cristina Pato – independent artist and founder of the annual Galician Connection Festival.

You can find out more on the College of the Holy Cross own website an on their Facebook page. Also, be sure not to miss this cool promo video!

Cristina Pato and The Silk Road Ensemble: European Tour

Zorlu Center

On the first week of September, Cristina set out with her fellow members of the Silk Road for the Ensemble’s European Tour, which includes the stages of Izmir, Istanbul, Paris, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and, back in North America, Toronto (more info in the Events section).

For those of you not lucky enough to attend to any of this venues, here is a video of the Ensemble perfoming Muiñeiras from Cancionero live at the group’s fifteen year celebration at Tanglewood: Continue reading

Morgan Neville to film Cristina Pato in Galicia

Oscar Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville and his team will be visiting Galicia to film Cristina Pato in her homeland for the upcoming The Sound of Silk, a documentary the director is making about the Silk Road Esemble with Yo Yo Ma.

In Neville’s own words “The Sound of Silk will serve as a lens for larger questions about cultural identity in a global society, and the potential for individuals to act as catalysts for change. Like the ancient Silk Road itself, The Sound of Silk will make the foreign familiar while challenging long-held notions of identity and our place in the world.”.

Neville and Cristina will be shooting between August 14th and 18th in Ourense, Armariz, A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela. The Sound of Silk is scheduled to be premiered in 2015.

Morgan Neville

Morgan Neville and his team filming with Cristina in New York City