Cristina Now Touring the US with the Silk Road Ensemble

The tour, which started with the series of concerts with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in the third week of February, will include the following stages:

February 24 – PRINCETON, NJ
February 25 – PITTSBURGH
February 27 – CHAPEL HILL, NC
March 3 – WORCESTER, MA 
March 4 – BOSTON, MA
March 6 – CHICAGO, IL 
March 7 – GOSHEN, IN 

Check out this video of the premiere with the New York Philharmonic, recorded for the TVG (Galician Television) News:

The Gaita to sound with the New York Philharmonic for the first time


After a week promoting her latest album Rústica in her native Galicia, Cristina returns to New York to take part in an historic milestone for the Galician bagpipes: for the first time ever, the gaita will sound next to the New York Philharmonic, in a series of performances with the Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma.

The program includes Cristina and Wu Tong’s Fanfare for Gaita, Suona, and Brass, as well as Osvaldo Golijov’s Rose of the Winds, originally commissioned by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra which premiered it with the Silk Road Ensemble in 2007. In Golijov’s own words:

Rose of the Winds is born from spontaneous and ritualized communal actions. Prayer, celebration, mourning, riot, and remembrance are the lifeblood of the piece.(…) The movement features Cristina Pato’s Galician bagpipes and the percussion of both ensembles, in rhythmic patterns that remind me of the street demonstrations, with drums, pots and pans, of my Argentine childhood.

Check out the events section of this web for the schedule of performances, but know that the tickets are already sold out!

Cristina Releases her Latest Album: Rústica


This Tuesday, February 10th, Cristina launches her latest album, Rústica. Made in collaboration with Davide Salvado, Anxo Pintos and Roberto Comesaña, Rústica “is a love letter to the incredible cultural heritage of Galicia.”

You can read more about the album in the Discography section of this web.

This week Cristina will be doing promotions in several TV and Radio stations. Below you can find the schedule:

TELEVISIÓN GALEGA (TVG) – ZigZag (Tuesday, February 10)
TVE – Desde Galicia para el Mundo (Wednesday, February 11)
CORREO TV – Preguntoiro (Thursday, February 12)
TELEVISIÓN GALEGA (TVG) – A Revista Semanal (Friday, February 13)
TELEVISIÓN GALEGA (TVG) – Luar (Friday, February 13)

RADIO GALEGA – Galiza por Diante (Tuesday, February 10 – 9:45)
CADENA SER – Hoy por Hoy Santiago (Tuesday, February 10 – 13:30)
RADIO NACIONAL – Informativos RN Galicia (Wednesday, February 11 – 10:00)
RADIO VOZ – Voces de Galicia. (Wednesday, February 11 – 11:10)
RADIO GALEGA – Diario Cultural (Wednesday, February 11 – 12:00)
ES RADIO GALICIA – Entrevista con Maite Garrido (Wednesday, February 11 – 12:45)
RADIO OBRADOIRO – Con M de Música (Thursday, February 12 – 10:30)
ONDA CERO SANTIAGO – Compostela en la Onda (Thursday, February 12 – 12:55)
RADIO GALEGA – Somos quen (Saturday, February 14 – 11:00)