The Gaita and Orchestra Commissioning Project

Cristina’s Gaita and Orchestra Commissioning Project has been awarded a grant from american organisation New Music USA.

New Music USAThis project is the materialisation of Cristina’s dream of building a gaita and orchestra repertory. In the last years in the US, Cristina has already had many offers from orchestras to do something, so she decided to start a round of commissions in order to create a repertory that would combine her two passions: world music and classical music and her expertise in both fields. To help her in this challenge, Cristina has chosen composers Octavio Vazquez, Emilio Solla and David Bruce.

With this new boost to the project, Cristina is confident she will be presenting the new pieces for gaita and orchestra in two years. One of the concerts is in fact already scheduled to be premiered in Barcelona (with Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès) and Chicago (with Chicago Sinfonietta) next season, and Cristina is already in talks to premiere the other two.

In her 15 years of solo career, Cristina has collaborated with orchestras such as Chicago Symphony, The World Orchestra or the Galician Symphony Orchestra.

Trasalba Award 2014

Right on the heels of the deeply emotive 15th Anniversary Celebration concert in her hometown Ourense (see the pictures below), Cristina will preside over the ceremony of the Trasalba Award 2014, as the winner of last years edition, on Sunday June 29th. This year’s winner is the writer Agustín Fernández Paz.

In 2013, Cristina was not only honored with this prestigious Trasalba Award (see the book published by Editorial Galaxia on the occasion), but also with the Galician of the year Award, by newspaper El Correo Gallego (you can watch a video of the ceremony here →).

Ourense, 2014
Ourense, 2014
Ourense, 2014

15th Anniversary Celebration

This summer represents a remarkable milestone in Cristina’s career, as it marks both the 15th anniversary of her solo career and the 15th anniversary of her first concert in her hometown, Ourense, accompanying The Chieftains in the magical night of June 23th,1999. And what better way to celebrate it than to perform again at home, almost exactly 15 years later: Tuesday 24th at the Praza Maior, in Ourense.

Cristina would like to take this opportunity to thank her family, friends and all the colleagues that have help her through these years in this journey…

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