Upcoming Events in the US

This last week of July and the first of August, Cristina is back in the US for a series of events and performances, starting this Thursday July 30th with the El Camino Project first salon recital, accompanying mezzo-soprano Carla Dirlikov at the piano, in San Francisco, CA.

After that, Cristina will head back to Boston, for her Summer Institute (August 2nd through 5th) at Harvard University.

Last but not least, Cristina will once again join Damian Woetzel to take part in the Vail International Dance Festival (August 6th through 12th).

In other news, here’s a link to the video of Cristina’s last week interview in TVG Show A Revista FDS:


Cristina’s Summer Tour

diario_burgosCristina is presently in Spain for her Summer Tour. She has already performed at the Castilla Folk Festival in Burgos (see the picture of the local newspaper Diario de Burgos covering the concert) and the tour includes a performance at the XXXI Edition of the famed Festival de Ortigueira. One of the most important folk festivals of all Europe (with attendances of over 80.000 people), it will be held on July 16th though the 19th, and will include outstanding artists such as Budiño, Sharon Shannon, Xabi Aburruzaga, Finnegan-McSherry Project and Capercaillie.

Cristina’s concert is scheduled for Friday 17th at 23:30.

On the other hand, Cristina will also take part in the TVG Día de Santiago Special Show, on July 25th.

LATINA Tour and Reviews

Cristina has just closed the first round of the LATINA Tour, with the Release Party at SubCulture in her adopted hometown, New York, on May 17. So far, the album reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s a selection:

The World Music Report:

“The late cellist Jacqueline Du Pré and the legendary percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie, and now the virtuoso Galician bagpiper (gaita player) Cristina Pato… Very few musicians of any gender have more visceral energy and vivacity than these three musicians.(…) This music on ‘Latina’ gets to you if you open your heart. In fact it will pry open the gateway to your soul and if you resist, it will get you anyway.”

Step Tempest:

“A compact 36 minutes, “Latina” will leave you breathless. There’s nary a ballad – I can’t imagine wanting to leave the dance floor when this music is playing. Cristina Pato not only can play impressively but also uses her music to teach about the wide range of Latin music”

Lucid Culture:

“Even in an age when the mainstream is full of all kinds of esoterica, Cristina Pato has a particularly individualistic choice of axe: the Galician bagpipe. Her sound is wild, feral yet virtuosic and breathtakingly fast.”

Cristina also gave an interview for Latin Post: “EXCLUSIVE: Cristina Pato on ‘Latina,’ Yo-Yo Ma & Saving Classical Music”

Also, be sure not to miss below these awesome pictures of the SubCulture concert, by Xan Padrón:

Latina – SubCulture NYC
Latina – SubCulture NYC
Latina – SubCulture NYC
Latina – SubCulture NYC
Latina – SubCulture NYC
Latina – SubCulture NYC
Latina – SubCulture NYC