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Memory 2019 - UCSB Faculty

The second week of September marks the wrap-up of Cristina’s Summer course for the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration. The course, team-taught by Cristina, Kenneth S. Kosik (neuroscience) and Kim Yasuda (visual art), plus teaching assistants Maiza Hixson (Arts) and Tejas Aralere (Classics), was focused this time in exploring migration, human cognition and cultural memory.

Also in September, Cristina begins her duties as King Juan Carlos I Chair of Spanish Culture and Civilization at NYU, which have just been announced by the KJC Center. Cristina will organize and host the following public events throughout the fall, held at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center:

Cristina will also teach a class during the spring semester, titled Invisible Music of Northern Spain. In her own words:

“I thought about designing and curating a specific set of events that would use this idea of ‘invisibility’ as a way to connect the dots between the disciplines I’ve worked with over the years, and to address important conversations about the role of the arts in cultural memory, diversity and migration.”

Before that, though, Cristina is headed to Argentina, where she will offer her first performance ever, in the Festival Mar del Plata Capital Cultural de la Galicia Exterior, with the Cristina Pato Galician Trio, on September 23.

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