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Upcoming Events

February and March were full of educational engagements for Cristina. With Silkroad residencies at The College of the Holy Cross and Rice University and workshops in Boston for the Mass META Fellows, Cristina joins the Reggio Children Foundation and Silkroad for a weeklong residency in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Then, Cristina will return to Galicia where she will have the honor to inaugurate the XXXVIII Feira do Viño de Amandi, in Sober, Lugo.

And then, back to the US for a Silkroad Ensemble Tour that takes them to eleven cities throughout the country in just fifteen days, including performances in Brookville, NY (April 7th), Newark, NJ (April 8th), Princeton, NJ (April 9th), Hamilton, NY (April 11th), Amherst, MA (April 12th), Lewisburg, PA (April 14th), Tallahassee, FL (April 17th), Sarasota, FL (April 19th), Naples, FL (April 20th), Palm Beach, FL (April 21st), and Miami, FL (April 23th).

Stay tuned for news about Cristina’s next steps… and take a look the year-in-review video we created!

Last Stops of the Cristina Pato Quartet Tour

Cristina Pato Quartet
Cristina Pato Quartet
Cristina Pato Quartet
Tau Consortium

After taking part in the TAU Consortium Conference last January 15th, Cristina wraps up the tour with the Cristina Pato Quartet with concerts in Florida, Ohio and Texas, bringing down the curtain on an exhilarating season full of performances, residencies and workshops with her amazing Quartet: Víctor Prieto, Edward Perez and Mauricio Zottarelli and collaborator Juan Felipe Mayorga.

The Vindel Parchment: A Historical Concert

O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical

O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical
O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical
O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical
O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical

O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical
O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical
O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical
O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical
O Pergamiño Vindel: unha viaxe musical

The multimedia show “The Vindel Parchment: A Musical Journey” created, directed and conducted by Cristina Pato has been a resounding success. The concert, commissioned by the University of Vigo for its Christmas Concert and produced by CUNDE (Cecilia Carballido), explored the idea of continuity through diversity and included seven arrangements of the original songs made by renowned Galician artists from styles such as jazz, early, modern, hip-hop and traditional music: Grupo Martín Códax, Anxo Pintos, Begoña Riobó, Wöyza, the Coro da Mariña conducted by Ugia Pedreira and Pierrot Rougier, Yago Váquez, Roberto Comesaña, Miguel Cabana and Belén L. Méndez “Nacu” (calligraphy). Acclaimed by critics and public alike, here’s what the press had to say:

O espírito musical de Códax – Faro de Vigo, 20/12/2017

Yesterday’s concert, “The Vindel Parchment: A Musical Journey”, directed by Cristina Pato, would very well deserve to go down in the annals of Galician music History, as well as in those of the Cantigas by Martín Códax. The reasons are many. First of all, it managed to make all the participating musicians and singers (about half a hundred) offer different musical visions of the 13th century cantigas showing close interpretations of how they might sound at the time they were born; in addition to more contemporary views that range from soul, pop, classical music, folk and the coral phenomenon.

The second reason comes with the format, a ‘remastering’ of the didactic concert, since between performances small interviews conducted by Pato herself with the musicians were included, about the arrangements they made and about the musicality of the work of Códax and others of greater duration with professors from the University of Vigo Camino Noia e Bieito Arias Freixedo, that managed to show the audience the importance of these medieval songs, their meaning and the more than likely female hand in their creation.

Last Stops for the Year

Cristina Pato & Nicholas Cords

As we approach the end of the year, and after participating in the conference AGACOM – Alén das Fronteiras: Redes na Diversidade at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Cristina sets off for the last stops of 2017.

First, in her hometown Ourense, she is joined by Silkroad’s viola Nicholas Cords for a Chamber Music Concert Transformación e Espiritualidade” on December 14th.

After that, Cristina will conduct the Christmas Concert of the University of Vigo, focused on the historical Vindel Parchment and its travels “O Pergamiño Vindel: Unha Viaxe Musical”, on December 19th.

And then, to greet the New Year, Cristina joins her Silkroad colleague Wu Tong for the Wu Tong & Friends New Year’s Tour in China, from December 26th to January 4th. Stay tuned for more info!

Cristina Pato Directs “The Vindel Parchment: A Musical Journey”

Pergamiño VindelThe historical Vindel Parchment, the jewel of Galician secular music where Martin Codax’s cantigas de amigo are collected, returns to its hometown Vigo, after 700 years! The thirteenth-century manuscript will remain in Vigo’s Museo do Mar until March 2018.

Cristina Pato has been invited by the University of Vigo to produce a show celebrating this historical occasion. “The Vindel Parchment: A Musical Journey” will be held in December with a format that combines music and conversation with experts on the historical document, the concert will include seven arrangements of the original songs made by renowned Galician artists from styles such as jazz, early, modern and traditional music.

The Vindel Parchment: A Musical Journey will take place on december 19 at the Teatro Afundación in Vigo.

Before that though, Cristina will be touring again through the US with the Cristina Pato QUARTET in November, in a series of performances that includes: Chapel Hill, NC (Memorial Hall, University of North Carolina – November 3rd), Erie, PA (Bruno’s Cafe, Pennsylvania State University – November 14th), Princeton University, NJ (Richardson Auditorium – November 16th), and Longwood Gardens, PA (November 17th)

Cristina at Project Zero 50th Anniversary CelebrationBetween November 20 and 21, Cristina will also take part in a conference held at the University of Santiago de Compostela: I Congreso Internacional da Asociación Galega de Investigadoras e Investigadores en Comunicación “Alén das Fronteiras: Redes na Diversidade”.

In other news, on October 13th and 14th Cristina was honored to represent the Silkroad in the celebration of Harvard’s Project Zero 50th Anniversary, with Howard Gardner, David Perkins and Steve Seidel.

Cristina Pato Receives the Galician Culture Award for Foreign Outreach

Cristina has received yet another recognition for her career: After receiving the Castelao Medal last June, the Conselleiro (Secretary) of Culture and Education of the Galician Government announced yesterday that the jury has selected her for the Galician Culture Award in the category of Foreign Outreach. Presented by the Xunta de Galicia, this awards recognize the work of people and institutions in different fields of creation, heritage preservation and dissemination of Galician culture. The award ceremony will be held in upcoming dates, yet to be announced. Stay tuned!

Cristina is honored and grateful for this new recognition.

“Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration” and Fall US Tour

Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration
Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration
Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration
Carolina Performing Arts Concert
Princeton University Concert
Clark State Performing Arts Concert

From August 7 to September 15 Cristina is immersed in the pilot course she co-created named “Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration” with professors Ken Kosik (Neuroscience) and Kim Yasuda (Arts), at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This course introduces students to the cross-disciplinary field of memory studies and demonstrate how different disciplines approach common questions. Its approach is motivated by Cristina and the musical composition and story that her mother’s dementia inspired, the seminal My Lethe Story, and the power of interdisciplinary education through the arts. This course is possible thanks to the generosity of Jody and John Arnhold.

And if your are in the US, here are the dates for her upcoming US Fall Tour:

The Art of Restlessness: New Column by Cristina Pato for La Voz de Galicia

After almost two years writing the column enlazARTE for El Correo Gallego, Cristina opened in July a new chapter in her press contributions with a new column for La Voz de Galicia, the third most important Spanish newspaper.

The weekly column, titled The Art of Restlessness, appears every Friday on the back page of the newspaper and online here →.

In other news, if you want to read Cristina’s praised Castelao Medals acceptance speech, it’s available here (pdf, Galician) →.

Lastly, Cristina and Wöyza were the protagonists of one of the magical moments of the 25 de Xullo Special Gala on Galician TV channel TVG, with their rendition of Natural Woman. Here’s the video:

Cristina Pato and Wöyza blend World Music and Hip Hop at “Os Xoves de Códax”

Cristina Pato & Wöyza - Os Xoves de Códax 2017
Cristina Pato & Wöyza - Os Xoves de Códax 2017

Last Thursday July 13th, Cristina joined forces with Galician Hip Hop singer Wöyza for a very special performance at the renowned Galician winery Martin Códax, in Cambados. The repertoire was a surprising journey from folk and World Music to Hip Hop and Soul, and even experimental music. The two artists were joined by the choir V-Go Negro Son Coro for beautiful renditions of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and Andres Do Barro’s O Tren.

You can watch a video of their performance here: