Cristina Pato is a Galician bagpiper (gaita), a classical pianist, a writer and a passionate educator. Hailed as “a virtuosic burst of energy” by The New York Times, her professional life is devoted to teaching and performance that explores the role of the arts and sciences in society. Full bio

In addition to her work as a performing and recording musician, Cristina served as learning advisor for Silkroad, the organization founded by Yo-Yo Ma, collaborating closely in planning residencies and learning activities, including the multi-year partnership with Harvard University. She has served as a panelist, mentor and faculty member in various projects Silkroad developed with the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, including The Arts and Passion-Driven Learning Summer Institute for artists and educators. 

In 2012 Cristina wrote “My Lethe Story: The River of Forgetfulness,” a storytelling- chamber music piece commissioned by Silkroad and premiered at Harvard University. The piece combines Cristina’s passion for neuroscience and the personal story of her mother’s memory loss. With this piece she started to develop a new path of understanding the power of combining arts and sciences in academic institutions. In 2016 she began an on-going collaboration with University of California, Santa Barbara with her pilot class: “Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration” co-created and co-taught by Cristina Pato, Prof. Ken Kosik (Neuroscience), Prof. Kim Yasuda (Spatial Art) and Prof. Mary Hancock (Anthropology). You can read more about this class here.

In 2017 she served as Blodgett Distinguished Artist in Residence at Harvard University (Department of Music) and in 2019 she was appointed Chair of Spanish Culture and Civilization at the King Juan Carlos I Center at New York University (read about her program for NYU here).

Cristina holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Rutgers University, degrees in piano, music theory, and chamber music from the Conservatorio de Musica del Liceu, and a Master of Digital Arts from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

A pilot class co-created by Cristina Pato, Ken Kosik, Kim Yasuda and Mary Hancock for UCSB. Sponsored by John Arnhold.

King Juan Carlos Chair in Spanish Culture and Civilization 2019-2020

Silkroad Arts and Passion-Driven Learning Institute Director – Educational co-chair of Arts and Passion-Driven Learning Institute (APL)

Cristina is an active producer, curator and artistic director of multidisciplinary events, including her own festival Galician Connection and productions for other artists such as Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project.