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La Voz de Galicia Opinion - Cristina Pato

Cristina is a regular contributor to Spanish newspapers, as well as a sought after public speaker and lecturer. Cristina Pato writes a weekly Op-Ed column for La Voz de Galicia, the fourth most important Spanish newspaper by number of daily readers. Her weekly column, titled The Art of Restlessness, appears every Friday on the back page of the newspaper and online here →.

Cristina gifts us every week with a world vision from the Galicia of the new modern age. Enthusiasm, loyalty, talent and hope, that we so badly need.

—Víctor Fernández Freixanes, President of the Royal Academy of Galician Language

Emigrantes Invisibles

Oficial “Emigrantes invisibles. Españoles en EE.UU. (1868 – 1945)” exhibition catalog. Among other authors, Cristina wrote a fictional micro-story for one of the postcards contained in the catalog.

Revista Grial

Cristina’s contribution to the journal GRIAL, one of the historical journals of Galician culture, an article titled Across Borders and from Diversity .

Maremagnum nº 23

Contribution to the scientific journal about autism spectrum disorders Maremagnun.

“Música, emoción, diáspora e comunidade
Un relato personal”
Coral de Ruada

Article for the book “Coral de Ruada”
Editorial Galaxia, 2018

Interdisciplinary Projects