A Multidisciplinary Festival created by Cristina Pato

The Festival

Galician Connection is a multidisciplinary festival created and directed by Cristina Pato and Produced by Nordesía. City of Culture in Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN. 2011-2014

Promoting intercultural dialogue through music and encouraging cultural entrepreneurs, the festival Galician Connection was born in 2011 with the idea of creating meaningful connections between international and Galician artists and professionals of the music business.

At Galician Connection artists from different musical and cultural languages working with Galician artists are challenged to create a show together during the four days of the festival. They have never worked together before. That process is combined with workshops on the artists’ traditions along with open rehearsals for the community of students attending the event. In a third level a conference about a relevant topic on the role of the arts in the society is held during the festival, creating a diverse audience of music lovers, concert-goers, and professionals interested in building business connections through cultural exchange.

Promoting the internationalization of Galician culture, Galician Connection was born as a think tank, a laboratory of creativity with the idea of connecting, sharing and growing meaningful cultural relationships through music.

A unique way of exploring what it means to create a live in music.



Paquito D'Rivera (Cuba), Wu Tong (China), Sandeep Das (India), Emilio Solla (Argentina), Anxo Pintos (Galicia), Guadi Galego (Galicia), Josep Vicent (Valencia).

Joan A. Cararach (Director of the Barcelona International Jazz Festival), John X. Fernández (Producer of the New York APAP Conference), Antón Martínez (Director of the Son Cuba Festival), Sandeep Das (Director of the HUM Ensemble).

Galician Connection 2012 - Program →

Cartel Galician Connection 2012


ARTISTS: Jorge Pardo (Madrid, Spain), Wu Tong (China), Omar Sosa (Cuba), William Harvey (USA), Eliseo Parra (Valladolid, Spain), Víctor Prieto (Galicia - USA), Rosa Cedrón (Galicia), Isaac Palacín (Galicia).

A forum on cultural entrepreneurship from four diferent perspectives: Laura Freid, CEO Silk Road Project and collaborator on the Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge of Harvard University; musician and founder of the Afghan Youth Orchestra William Harvey; Christine Semba acting as a WOMEX representative and Joaquín Martínez, CEO of Esmerarte Servicios Artísticos, a Galician cultural bussines.

Galician Connection 2013 - Program →


ARTISTS: Carles Benavent (Catalonia, Spain), Edmar Castañeda (Colombia), Abe Rábade (Galicia, Spain), Kinan Azmeh (Syria), Najla Shami (Galicia/Palestina), Carlos Castro (Galicia, Spain).

Damian Woetzel (Presidents Commitee on the Arts and Humanities, Aspen Institute), Xaime Fandiño (Founder of the Master in Cultural Industries, University of Santiago de Compostela), Educabarrié (educational project of Fundación Barrie de la Maza)

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