2018: Recap!

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Just because 2018 is about to end (and a picture is worth a thousand words) we have created a short video featuring some of the highlights of this past season…

Last Stops of the Year

Cristina’s last stops for the year included a combination of teaching and performing. In early December she gave her lecture “Transcending Disciplines: The Sustainable Artist of the 21st Century” at Pratt Institute Manhattan invited by the Arts & Cultural Management Program. She also visited the Galician community in Newark, NJ,performing, lecturing and dancing at Club España and Club Orensano, two of the Galician cultural centers keeping folkloric traditions alive in the USA.

Coming Up in 2019

In the next few months Cristina will be touring Canada and the USA with her US Quartet and Australia and New Zealand with Silkroad. Her Gaita and Orchestra Commissioning Project will be bringing some good news. And she is incredibly excited to return to University of California, Santa Barbara for a new iteration of the interdisciplinary class on Memory co-created by Cristina in collaboration with artist Kim Yasuda and neuroscientist Kenneth Kosik.

Wishing you an amazing year full of joy, health and peace! Thank you for your continuous support!

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