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La Voz de Galicia – November 11, 2022 →

Cristina PatoThere are fifty days until the end of the year. An annus horribilis where it seems we have it all: from a «highway to a climatic hell» in the words of António Guterres (the UN’s Secretary General), to an indefinite number of visible and invisible wars, including inflation and a recession, social polarization, migratory crises, all challenges related to poverty and health (physical and mental), and a long etc. But days pass, our lives continue, sometimes with the feeling that we are nothing more than the marionettes of a reality that, regardless of how much we try, we cannot change. And so, with that impotence, we move forward imagining a better future, reviving hope in the human condition each moment.

There are days when it is almost impossible to have hope, but there are others when there suddenly appears a small anonymous gesture, a semblance of generosity, that makes one remember that change in a grand scale is perhaps, in the hands of all of us. Perhaps it could be generated through many and very small things that, among all, little by little, a little bit at a time, could make our environment a more humane space. And then, for a moment, one feels that, on a small scale, one could contribute something because there are feelings that are contagious and that lead us to act in a determined way. And in the same way that the media algorithms that do not give us the option to be something different from what we were yesterday, in real life, we can approach the idea that the only way to save ourselves as a society begins with asking ourselves, in an individual manner, what we can do better, how can we make goodness contagious, or how we can be better people…

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