Feeling the Light

La Voz de Galicia – July 14, 2023 →

Cristina PatoThere is something in the light of summer that makes one feel the rhythm of time in a different way. And even though not everyone can take a vacation at this time of year, sometimes the light makes one feel that all can go well despite how everything is going. I suppose that it is a somewhat naive thought, this role of light in our lives, but the truth is that there are moments where one can stop and see the way that light reflects on one’s surroundings, and there appears a feeling of calm that is difficult to express.

It was raining buckets, and I decided not to run to arrive at the hotel because despite having an umbrella, I got soaked on the street. And because I still had a twenty minute walk from the classroom where I work to the place where I am staying this week, so I strolled, soaked, with my umbrella closed since I could not get any wetter. Suddenly, on a crossing, I surprised myself feeling amazed: I looked in wonder at the curious light that was formed between the dramatic summer storm and the nightfall pressing behind the clouds. It was a gray-orange light, or gray-pink, or gray-yellow; a magic light that fell on people running, on the skin, that fell on gray cars, on the puddles…on me. I moved aside, and I tried to take my phone out to document this moment, but I realized I had left it in the classroom, so I turned around (literally), and that was when I saw the most luminous rainbow I had seen in years. And I stopped in wonder again, I don’t know whether it was for a minute or for an hour, enveloped in an inexplicable feeling that I wish I would be able to narrate. Enveloped in a summer light that reminds me that sometimes we can stop time to feel we are alive, to feel life…

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