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La Voz de Galicia – July 10, 2020 →

Cristina PatoThere are days when I lose hope and give up. When I feel like doing nothing because the only thing to do is wait until everything is over. And then there are other days when I feel excited about a small project when a little thing suddenly makes me regain a sense of perspective and passion needed to continue living as I have always lived: without any guarantee that what I have will last my whole life. I suppose that the days when I lose hope are the days when I forget that everything is temporary, especially in matters of health and happiness. And I suppose that it is our own personal perspective that makes us decide the way in which we regard moments when we feel good, such as the memories that make up our lives.

I wish we could be able to learn to develop our perspective in the same way we learn to draw: step by step, trying different things until we hit on the right perspective to fit the way we want to draw Life. It would be beautiful to learn to live like this. Trying out steps, not feeling overwhelmed when things don’t come out right, not feeling badly when we have to rip up the page where we began to draw, not feeling disappointed when we have not reached the results we had imagined.

I lose hope when I lose perspective, and sometimes it takes me a while to regain it. But today, I simply wish that this pandemic era may serve to learn to value the little things that fulfill and move us, things that give us our own perspective, that prevent us from getting carried away by others’ perspectives. These days, when we see how continuous public opinion in the media and online affects us, one also has to learn to see that perspective is not always as personal as we may think.

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