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Cristina PatoIt is a word encompassing many more meanings than what we may express only with words because in the definition of «representative,» emotions related with the idea or metaphor that it represents do not always enter into account. In these days when in some way it was the national channel that resuscitated passion for Eurovision (a curious market study) through a BenidormFest that I suppose was its way of bringing into modern times the old «International Song Festival of Benidorm» (another curious study), I have thought much about what it means for some of those artists present there to almost suddenly become representatives, referents of something inexpressible…

It is then, when the weight of the responsibility we choose for these artists ends up being their responsibility, without their being able to choose whether they want it or not because we have already made the choice to project ourselves through them even though we know they are artists, and not politicians. And then I wonder where these artists end up: where is their freedom? And it is as if at the moment when we begin to call them representatives (of a cause, of what is ours, of something else…) they stop being themselves to become ours, and in that instant we become judges of all their steps because we understand that they represent us and our cause.

I simply wish that all those artists, but the Tanxugueiras in particular, may find the strength and the freedom to continue being what they want to be in spite of the weight we place on them. They are free women who move us with their vision and perspective, with the music and style they are passionate about today, with their way of understanding the importance of collaborative work in the musical field. They are Artists.

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