The Remaining Hours

La Voz de Galicia – January 26, 2023 →

Cristina PatoThere are days when, I don’t know how, the hours fly by. And not in a good way. They pass without having done anything I had planned to do, or anything I wanted to do, or anything I should do.

They pass by writing useless emails that only lead me to write more useless emails, in an endless chain of misunderstandings among all the people who have to receive those emails. Because the requirement is that all those people have to receive those emails even though none of them takes responsibility for reading the entire chain carefully. The hours also pass by filling out impossible-to-understand forms that seem to be designed to confuse someone (I even think that the people who design them have an unbridled passion for hieroglyphics). Forms that may be easy for those who dedicate themselves to them full time, but for me, they are incredibly complex and produce an inexplicable anxiety even when all I have to put on them is my name and address. Another way the hours fly by is by trying to schedule an appointment for something official, both by phone and online, sometimes it’s simply impossible. Or chasing after money that was already yours before spending it, like when an institution has to reimburse a series of expenses and you have to upload the receipts to a navigable application…

And on days when the hours pass like this, one is left with neither strength nor energy to use the remaining hours on things that make her feel less subject to this absurd bureaucracy that we impose on ourselves constantly. Because those remaining hours are truly our lives…

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