To Be Calm

La Voz de Galicia – January 7, 2022 →

Cristina PatoAnd just like that, in a rush, the holidays are over. Suddenly, 2022 has already been with us for a week, and despite new year resolutions, we impassively attend the spectacle of things remaining more or less the same. Politicians fight just because, restrictions change depending on where the wind blows, an ever-widening social breach, and that constant unease that in one way or another accompanies everyone.

And I, just in case, asked the Three Kings to help me send away that last part, the unease, because the other ones, unfortunately, are beyond my control.

I imagined the letter I did not get to write to them, and in it I expressed two wishes: that we may learn to be calm and that we may have good health. I don’t know if you all experience the same thing, but in these last few months I feel that we are even more sensitive than we were a year ago. On the one hand, there are those who think that others are to blame for this sense of unease (the virus, the cost of electricity, isolation), and on the other there are those who understand that feeling this way is human, and that nobody is to blame for the way one feels. And it is true that it’s complicated to think that only we, ourselves, may struggle against this constant feeling of wanting to feel agitated (or angry) for something that, in another moment of our lives, we would not think to be of great importance.

Yesterday, I did not get to see, underneath the Christmas tree I did not put up, whether the kings had left for me the presents I asked for. But I think that they did, because I woke up today feeling tranquil, without a headache, and with the notion that I had to be calm because the other option leads to nothing more than weariness. And then I thought that, hopefully, we might be able to quiet our minds to be able to enjoy, patiently, the beauty of the everyday.

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