Today and Tomorrow

La Voz de Galicia – September 11, 2020 →

Cristina PatoIt seems that there are already hundreds of experimental Covid-19 vaccines, and some of them are already being tried on humans. And it also seems that, despite the rush, the vaccines will not reach us, simple mortals, until «mid-2021.» That is what the WHO says today. Let’s see what it says tomorrow..

The day before yesterday, there was hope in the AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccines, and now, I suppose there is hope in the BioNTech-Pfizer, or in the Johnson & Johnson one, or in the Moderna one…That is what we know today. Let’s see what we know tomorrow.

Today and tomorrow, today and tomorrow. We find that, as a society, we have never been so clear that things can change so radically today and tomorrow. Each day, there is a new exercise in change, in the quotidian and the general, in the individual and the collective. And after six months, we continue thinking that a Covid-19 vaccine will give us back our lives, and that while it arrives, we only need to wait, and in passing we learn today what we will need to unlearn tomorrow. But we don’t know how or when it will arrive, nor how effective it will be, nor what we will do when the next version of another virus arrives…

There are days, like today, when I begin with a spiral of questions that start with «What if»: «What if Xan gets sick?» «What if we don’t arrive?»…I worry about everything, and I suddenly forget that the only way I have of moving forward is pushing away many of those thoughts and imagining that tomorrow will be another day. Today and tomorrow. Today and tomorrow.

It is possible that a Covid-19 vaccine is a hope for our society, but if we allow sadness, helplessness and desperation to settle in our lives, there will be no vaccine in the world that can cure our ills.

How many things can one feel in a single day…

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