Cristina Pato: A day in the White House

Last week Turnaround Arts event at the White House turned out to be quite the experience. The event was designed to spotlight the work of the Turnaround Arts Initiative, a pilot program to help turn around low-performing schools and increase student engagement through the arts. As the First Lady Michelle Obama has said “The Turnaround Arts program has exceeded not just our expectations, but our wildest hopes and dreams (…) today, the students in these schools are engaged in their education like never before.”

Cristina was delighted to participate in such an event for a cause she is deeply involved with, and really had a wonderful time. And we have pictures to prove it! Check them out below:

Green Hair in the Green Room
Cristina & Sarah Jessica Parker
Selfie at the East Wing
Cristina & Chad Smith
Cristina & Frank Gerhy
Cristina & the President's Band
Programa de mano

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