Cristina Pato new album and Kickstarter Project: “Latina”


Cristina Pato has created a new Kickstarter project for her upcoming album Latina, to be released in May 2015.

In her own words Latina is a way to embrace my heritage through music exploring the connections between the country of origin of the word, Italy, and the countries that are nowadays considered latinos. Using the metaphor of one of the essential rhythms of traditional music: the 6/8, Latina is a musical journey that begins with the Italian Tarantella and travels through Spain and Latin American 6/8 rhythms like the venezuelan Joropo, the peruvian Landó, the Galician muiñeira and rhythms that have travelled both ways in the latin world, the Tanguillo and the Fandango”

Head over to the Kickstarter page where you can find a cool promo video and more info on the project, and don’t miss your change to back the project. There’s a reward for every budget, so go check it out and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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  1. Hello Cristina,
    I am writing to let you know that I got to hear your collasal music adaption with your bagpipes on January 28th in Lancaster, Pa at the Ware Center. Your were spectacular in your music and to hear someone play the bagpipes to this kind of music and hear Jazz in a way that is different. And with your ethnic background in Spain, and to hear that type of music on the bagpipe was awesome. You keep going Cristina and we would love to hear more of your Jazz and your touch of your Dad whom you said played the accordion.
    Love to hear more and can’t wait until your new CD comes out in May. I spoke with you and got you to my CD last night. I have some Spanish in my family and I have a daughter in law that is from Porta Rico. She will love to hear this CD. Thank you again

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