ESENCIAIS 20/50: Art, society, age and stereotypes

A laboratory of creativity and thought

Esenciais 20/50 is an initiative started by Cristina Pato and Xaime Fandiño in collaboration with Cunde and the Oficina Galega de Outros Asuntos do Movemento.

Esenciais 20/50 was born as a cultural response to the phenomenon of ageism, a term coined by the American gerontologist Robert N. Butler who defined it as “a process of systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because they are old”. Ageism is social and institutional discrimination, which manifested more strongly than ever during the coronavirus pandemic.

Esenciais 20/50 is a laboratory of creativity and thought in which, through the arts and society, we reflect on age-related stereotypes, while learning about the different ways of aging.

Esenciais 20/50 presents an event of social artistry, in the form of a performing arts workshop created in collaboration with a team of artists including Marina Oural and Ugia Pedreira (Oficina Galega de Outros Asuntos do Movemento), poet Eva Veiga, oral improviser Alba María, sound alchemist Chefa Alonso, singer and composer Wöyza, and the intergenerational band Deteriorados. The protagonists of this piece will be the life stories and experiences of a group of people who are facing aging in different ways.

Esenciais 20/50 was born with the intention of creating a space for dialogue, reflection and creation with a sector of society to which we owe so much.

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