Fall News

Although Cristina is taking some time off from performing, on August 29th she accompanied singer/cellist Rosa Cedrón at the historic Monastery of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil. Invited by Enriqueta Somarriba for her festival Musica en el Sil, Cristina and Rosa joined again as SOAS, to celebrate their ten years of music and friendship. 

And in September she visited Paris, France, invited by Fundación Carasso, to participate alongside Julio Jara, Santiago Cirugeda, Neil Beloufa and Patrick Bouchain (Committed Artists Awardees), at Le Grand Voyage: a macro event of social action celebrated during the European Heritage Days. Cristina had the fortune of working with musicians and dancers from Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, through Association Koulé-Kan France, a collective that embraces cultural exchange as a way to promote international solidarity. 

Immersed in teaching and writing, during this fall Cristina will lecture (as a guest) at Harvard University and continue her work with University of California, Santa Barbara. She also continues her work as independent producer of both artistic and social projects, collaborating with Fundación Carasso and Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project.

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