Happy 2015! Concerts and Events for the New Year

Cristina once again greets the year with a pretty tight schedule. She is performing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in Baltimore (January 8th) and North Bethesda (January 11th).

In her educational activities, Cristina is working with the Millersville University of Pennsylvania for a conference in which she will discuss the Music Business (January 27th), and for a Bagpipe Masterclass, as well as a concert with her USA band, in Lancaster (January 28th).

After another concert in Georgetown (January 30th), Cristina will head for Detroit, where she will be taking part in the Sphinx Conference (January 31st – February 1st). She will also premiere with the Sphinx Orchestra the Third Movement of SphinxconOctavio Vazquez’s Concerto, commissioned by Cristina for her Gaita & Orchestra Commissioning Project, supported by New Music USA. The piece is called Elas”, a celebration of Galician women throughout History.

Besides, we are now in the final stages of the Kickstarter Project for Cristina’s new album Latina, as we approach the January 12 deadline. So, if haven’t yet check it out, now is your last chance to do so!

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  1. I have missed getting over to Lamedeer, MT when you were there working with students. Are you coming out again? When?

    I am a jazz saxophonist and have played near Galicia in France at Bilheres en Ossau, at a small hotel in the mountains that has a summer music series. I would love to be able to catch you live sometime. Great music, thanks. Wilbur

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