Invisible(s) and Other News

Although most of the season has been either cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, Cristina Pato and Mazz Swift created a special online session of their fascinating Invisible(s) Project for Chautauqua Institution. You can watch the online concert and conversation HERE. Or learn about their project in their website Invisible(s), or with this interview for the Chautauquan Daily.

Sadly, the Harvard-Silkroad Summer Institute has been cancelled. Cristina was looking forward to co-direct The Arts and Passion Driven Learning Institute in collaboration with Prof. Steve Seidel and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. You can learn more about the institute here

In June, Cristina joined a new series of virtual talks hosted by the Ambassador of Spain in the US, Santiago Cabanas. “Un café con…” featuring conversations with Spanish influencers living in the U.S, like José Andrés and Antonio Banderas, organized by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain. The conversation is in Spanish with English subtitles. Watch the virtual talk here:

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