November Events: BoCo, Harvard and NYU

November brings Cristina several events in some of the most prestigious education centers of the US: On Friday November 1st Boston Conservatory students present an intimate performance and conversation with Silkroad guest artists Kinan Azmeh, clarinet, and Cristina Pato, gaita. This performance represents the culmination of the Conservatory’s three-day Silkroad Intensive.

Also with Silkroad, Cristina returns to Harvard University for two collaborations: with Harvard Graduate School of Education Prof. James P. Honan for a class on Education Sector Non-Profits on October 29th, and with the Advanced Leadership Initiative, on November 22nd.

Then, on November 14th, Cristina hosts the third public lecture as King Juan Carlos I of Spain Chair in Spanish Culture and Civilization at NYU: A Conversation with Cristina Pato, Afa S. Dworkin and Arturo O’Farril: Afro Latin Perspectives in Jazz and Classical Music. In this conversation, Cristina brings together the leaders of two organizations that have impacted her way of understanding diversity and visibility in jazz and classical music. Afa S. Dworkin is the President and Artistic Director of Sphinx Organization, founded in 1997 with the goal of addressing the underrepresentation of people of color in classical music. Arturo O’Farrill is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the performance, education and preservation of Afro Latin music. While learning about their programs, Cristina will engage Dworkin and O’Farrill in a conversation about diversity, inclusivity, and in/visibility in jazz and classical music.

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