SOAS, Reunited Again for a Special Concert Broadcast by TVG (Galician Public Television)

Singer and cellist Rosa Cedrón and pianist and bagpiper Cristina Pato reunite as SOAS, ten years after their joint project. At the invitation of the CRTVG (Galician Radio and Television Corporation), and in collaboration with Senén Bernárdez, they created a unique concert in San Domingos de Bonaval, with a repertoire that travels through some of the great classics of Galician music and literature, as well as other works from the universal repertoire. An intimate concert in which the two artists wanted to share the range of sensations and emotions experienced during these times. A way to pay tribute to Galician society and to show the incredible power of music in our lives.

The concert is broadcast on Saturday, June 6 at 3:30PM on TVG (Galician Public Television), and it’s also available on the CRTVG website.

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