Winter News: University of California, Santa Barbara

This winter Cristina continues her collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara, as the Arnhold Visiting Professor, joining professors Kenneth S. Kosik (Neuroscience) and Kim Yasuda (Spatial Art) for their annual interdisciplinary class on memory and migration.

In their collaborative class “Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration”, Ken, Kim and Cristina explore the connections between Cultural Memory and Migration, at the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on every aspect of our lives, addressing questions such as: How do we connect human migration and the idea of “the other” in cognitive neuroscience, the arts and literature? How is cultural identity formed and framed within the shifting conditions of displacement and precarity? How do we represent, render and reimagine human movement through our various disciplinary approaches? What will the role of AI be in redefining how we think about ourselves? 

UCSB January-March 2024

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