Musician, writer, educator and producer, Cristina Pato, has been hailed as “a virtuosic burst of energy” by The New York Times. After 25 years of experience as a professional musician, touring around the world with the Galician bagpipes and piano, Cristina now channels her creativity into writing, producing, and teaching, focusing on the role of the arts in society. Full bio

Cristina gifts us every week with a world vision from the Galicia of the new modern age. Enthusiasm, loyalty, talent and hope, that we so badly need.

—Víctor Fernández Freixanes, President of the Royal Academy of Galician Language

In 2015 Cristina began her press collaborations writing a biweekly column for El Correo Gallego, and since 2017 Cristina writes a popular weekly column for Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia titled “The Art of Restlessness” for which she was awarded the XVII Afundación Journalism Prize: Fernández del Riego.

In 2022 she published her first novel “No día do seu enterro” (“On his burial day”) with Editorial Galaxia (Colección Literaria, 2022), now in its third edition.

No día do seu enterro (On His Burial Day) is a novel about the power of words, about the nobility of those who are invisible, and about truths not told. A poignant story about what it means to reconstruct life in order to provide for one’s family. 

“A literary piece in the form of a sonata, with an intimate tone and sweet musicality.”

–María Doallo, La Voz de Galicia

“A novel that speaks of the struggle to survive, human values, and active women, written in an agile, well-articulated discourse, with touches of lyricism.”

–Camiño Noia, Revista Tempos Novos, Tempos Dixital

“An original novel that has a certain languid tone of the “nouveau roman,” and that recalls things from the early works of Méndez Ferrín.”

–Vicente Araguas, La Revista, La Región

“In the background are emigration or life in the neighborhoods. Humble people with values and a way of life that is not idealized and tends to contrast with those of the more affluent social classes.”

–Montse González, Sermos Galiza, Nós Diario