La Voz de Galicia – November 3, 2023 →

Cristina PatoThere are days that when a door closes on our path, if one is lucky enough to find the strength to think positively, one tries to say to oneself, «Well, it was not meant to be.» And today, in order not to fall into my own particular state of gray, I started to think about the number of ideas that can fit into this category, the «wasn’t meant to be.» That it wasn’t what you had truly wanted, that you are better this way rather than with what was behind that door that closed, that when one door closes another one opens…It is curious to think about how throughout our lives we place our expectations on a series of resolutions that we think are the goals we want to achieve; and then, if we don’t achieve them, if we let them fall by the wayside or we simply stop pursuing them, we begin to think about the purpose of such resolutions, about the idea that originated the intent to achieve them. Sometimes, these objectives decided on in the past make no sense in the present moment, and for many years one pursues that goal and suddenly (whether or not one achieves it) one realizes that that was not the goal that was looked for, and one has to change the direction of one’s life…

November is a complex month. It begins with saints and with the dead. Leaves fall. And it rains, rains, and rains. And there are so many kinds of gray around us that for those of us likely to be affected by them, it is not easy to escape those clouds. This is why it is important to take some time to reflect a little about those things that we want to happen but that do not happen, so as to forget them as soon as possible, accept that we can’t always control what happens around us, and go out on to the street to see the beautiful and infinite variety of yellows and oranges that autumn gifts us each day…

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