La Voz de Galicia – October 20, 2023 →

Cristina PatoIt is complex to think of the reasons that we are sensitive to some things and not to others. The reason that we follow very closely the misfortunes and atrocities in some parts of the world, and we ignore those in others. I was reading this week that, only during the first fifteen days in October, the Canary Islands received 8,561 migrants in its coasts. I also read that the Spanish government’s efforts are centered on «promoting the cooperation with the countries of origin and the transit of migration in the fight against the mafias that traffick people,» in Senegal, Morocco, and Mauritania. It’s that the Canarian authorities have received 3.800 foreign minors. And my chest hurts every time I read the world «distribution» related to unaccompanied young men and women. Because one of the ways that we have to deal with this truth in Spain is by «distributing» foreign minors in the various autonomous communities that «accept» this «distribution» voluntarily…

There are days when I resolve to learn about the life stories of the thousands of people who arrived in Spain via the Canarian route, the most dangerous migratory via in the world. In whom I have enough interior strength to read and listen to narratives about the infinite injustices that they faced those who arrived to our country alive. In whom, even though I know that there is no universal solution for the challenges of migration, I feel that we should know how to fight for a more humane solution for the challenges of migration in our country because it has been more than twenty years since this migration route has been used. A solution that does not normalize the images of refugee centers and migrants sleeping, retained, in docks or crowded in spaces that do not simply meet the necessary conditions of dignity.

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