enlazARTE: New Column by Cristina Pato for El Correo Gallego

El Correo Gallego - 21/09/2015

Cristina has started a new collaboration with Galician newspaper El Correo Gallego to pen a new column named enlazARTE, which will be published on a bimonthly basis.

As a reaction to current political decisions in Spain about the role of the arts in the public educational system, Cristina will explore the power of the integration of arts in education through educational initiatives around the world. Her expertise in the field includes her collaboration with Turnaround Arts Initiative of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, the GSE/Silkroad Passion Driven Learning-Harvard Summer Institute, and her Arts Transcending Borders residency at the College of the Holy Cross.

The first article was published on September 21st, for World Alzheimer’s Day. In it, Cristina discusses the benefits of music for Alzheimer’s patients. Here’s a link to the article (Galician) →

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