“My Lethe Story” with Cristina Pato and UCSB Musicians

On April 19th Cristina joins musicians from the University of California, Santa Barbara in an evening of music and discussion in which they’ll perform My Lethe Story: The River of Forgetfulness, the piece composed by Cristina and inspired by her mother’s struggle with dementia; followed by a panel discussion on how the sciences and the arts can learn from each other as they seek to understand memory and its loss. The panelists will also discuss student research opportunities on these issues in a new summer course that Cristina will co-teach with professors Ken Kosik (Neuroscience) and Kim Yasuda (Arts) at the UCSB. Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration will introduce students to the cross-disciplinary field of memory studies and demonstrate how different disciplines approach common questions. You can watch the video presentation here →. Click here → for more info on the event.

The course is supported by the generosity of Jody and John Arnhold. This initiative is sponsored by Jody and John Arnhold, UCSB Arts & Lectures, Division of Humanities and Fine Arts, College of Creative Studies, Department of Music, Department of Art, Neuroscience Research Institute, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.

Cristina arrives at California after a week in the Nothern Cheyenne Reservation of Lame Deer, Montana, where the Silkroad continues to participate in interdisciplinary projects with Lame Deer students. You can read more about their work in this article: Musicians in ensemble founded by Yo-Yo Ma visit Lame Deer students

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