Cristina Pato is a Galician bagpiper (gaita), a classical pianist, a writer and a passionate educator. Hailed as “a virtuosic burst of energy” by The New York Times, her professional life is devoted to teaching and performance that explores the role of the arts and sciences in society. Full bio

An active lecturer, panelist and public speaker, Cristina writes a weekly column for Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia, the fourth most important Spanish newspaper by number of daily readers.

Her column, titled The Art of Restlessness, appears every Friday on the back page of the newspaper and online here →.

Cristina gifts us every week with a world vision from the Galicia of the new modern age. Enthusiasm, loyalty, talent and hope, that we so badly need.

—Víctor Fernández Freixanes, President of the Royal Academy of Galician Language

In 2020 Cristina won the Afundación Journalism Prize: Fernández del Riego in its 17th edition for her article Parallel Realities published in La Voz de Galicia.

Cristina’s public speeches, articles and lectures are also available on demand, including the critically acclaimed acceptance speech of the 2017 Castelao Medal (the greatest honor presented by the Galician Government to honor the people and institutions that have created exceptional works in the arts, culture, literature or science). Her contribution to the journal GRIAL (one of the historical journals of Galician culture): an article titled Across Borders and from Diversity, describes the networks of diversity encountered throughout her US years, and how a Galician poem by 19th century writer Rosalía de Castro was the turning point for her career in the USA.

Cristina’s lecture: “Transcending Disciplines: An Artist’s Journey to Cultural Sustainability” has been presented at institutions like John Hopkins University, University of Santiago de Compostela, Pratt Institute in Manhattan, University of California, Santa Barbara, Harvard University and New York University.

Cristina’s musical compositions like My Lethe Story, have an important storytelling component.