“And Then, Spring?” Writing through the storm…

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At least I can I continue writing my weekly columns for La Voz de Galicia. It gives me hope and a sense of purpose… Here I’m reading a couple of paragraphs (translation/transcription below).

“Spring arrived today, and we should not forget nature’s power to make green, bloom, and recover. If we lose hope, we lose everything, and today is a good day to remind ourselves that, whatever happens, there will always be a tree in bloom, a flower in search of sunlight, or a little singing bird brightening our day. Perhaps we might not see it from our window, but we can listen to it and even imagine it, and perhaps that is enough to remember that this, too, shall pass.”


“With a verse from Luz Pozo Garza, today, more than ever, let’s try to not lose hope and let’s look around us, even if only to imagine the flowers of that garden we will one day take care of: «Now that spring returns.»

Full column here, and you can read all my columns (in Galician and in English) here.

PLEASE NOTE: concerts and public events are cancelled due to the pandemic…

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