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La Voz de Galicia – January 5, 2024 →

Cristina PatoDespite all the things that are falling around us; despite the wars, of the genocides, of the precariousness, of the injustices, we have to try to find some of the magic in our existence because if we don’t do it, there are days where it is almost impossible to move forward.

This week, I awoke with a pinkish orange-colored dawn. It was like dawn-dusk, because if it weren’t for the time of the day, it resembled one of those magical summer dusks. But it was a magic winter dawn. And that is why I stared at it through my window, and I decided that I was not going to move from the window until those colors went away. But the colors took their time leaving, and I remained there, staring, looking at the colorful fan of a sun that I could not see from my house. And when the gray that is the habitual these days finally appeared, I realized that the colors remained with me, and in some way, the day progressed with an orange color, and pink, but not gray despite the fog and the cold.

Yoga was never for me. I tried it many times, especially when in my other life I was on tour in India every year. But to be amazed looking at nature (or some daily scene) is something I am good at. And I think that, according to what I understand about my yogi friends, that way I have of staring, or of feeling amazement daily, is what keeps me healthy. It is my own particular yoga.

Finding the magic in our day to day is not always easy. The urgent always gets in the way and does not allow us to think about more than in our own survival, or on the survival of our loved ones. But in this brand new year, I promised myself that I would give more time to what is important and less time to what is urgent: I promised myself that I would find the time for wonder and allow myself to be amazed by the beauty of the everyday…

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