May Dreams

La Voz de Galicia – April 30, 2021 →

Cristina PatoMicaela, Negrita, and Mosquito are some of my sister Yoly’s kittens. She also has some hens and a rooster. And I believe she is befriending one of her neighbors’ dog. Usually, when we video chat, we go around «greeting» the animals who are at hand. The hens and the rooster I always see because they are in the orchard, and my sister always takes me for a «stroll» in it. But the cats do their own thing, and sometimes they are all there (as well as some others) and sometimes there are none to be seen.

The thing is that today I dreamt that Yoly’s cats constructed May at the Praza do Ferro, and that the hens sang couplets of May that they themselves had written. I also dreamt that my father, may he rest in peace, was playing his accordion in the middle of the street of the Paseo while the neighborhood dogs asked other dogs to dance. Then, I went for a ride with my mother on a carriage made of barbs, and upon returning from this trip we stopped by to pick up my sister Teté, who–of course–was in Madrid. And on the way, we stopped to pick up my other sister, Raquel, who was roasting oranges at the Xardín do Posío while her daughter Quela improvised some couplets with peacocks.

Ah! Dreams! There are days where one prefers to remain in them, and other days where it is better to not remember them. But I am going to keep today’s because perhaps it may help me remember that the most important things in life are precisely those little things that we don’t always appreciate because we take them for granted. Those things that bring us balance and return us to the present with a smile: how to listen to nature, to celebrate the beauty of the month of flowers…or to speak via video conference with a loved one who has hens.

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