enlazARTE, a Fundación Barrié initiative created and directed by Cristina Pato


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On Monday, November 16th, Cristina presented in a Press conference enlazARTE, a new initiative she has created for the Fundación Barrié, sharing the name with Cristina’s column for El Correo Gallego.

In Cristina’s own words:

enlazARTE is a new initiative I am developing for the Barrié Foundation. My double life as an educator and as a performing artist, as well as the incredible inspiration from my mentor (Yo-Yo Ma), have made me come to the understanding that talent and popularity are a responsibility… and hence this project called enlazARTE was born.

A conference, a forum, a didactic concert, a round table, a workshop… all of it focused in the power of ARTS IN EDUCATION, with special emphasis on music. With this initiative I’m trying to bring important topics not only to the specialized audience in the field, but to society as a whole, with the idea of creating a space for dialogue and synergies that are so necessary to enact change.

enlazARTE is born with the idea of uniting us all for the common good: reclaim the importance of the values that are passed on through music education. Aimed at primary and secondary school teachers, conservatory and music schools teachers, musicians from all genres, people interested in the matter, enthusiasts, artists…

In this first edition, because of the educational policy reforms that have so greatly affected music and philosophy education, I wanted to focus this initiative in creating the right space to promote the power of arts in society through the vision of national and international speakers, hoping that Galician musicians and teachers will also share theirs, thus creating a forum for thought and reflection.

enlazARTE will take place next December 11 and 12, and will feature outstanding scholars such as Steve Seidel from Harvard University or Gabriel Rusinek from Complutense University, as well as artists and musicians such as Fetén Fetén or San Simón Fiddle Camp‘s Anxo Pintos and Alfonso Franco.

Register now if you don’t want to miss out!. Registration open until December 7th. More info here →, or download the dossier (pdf, Spanish) →

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