From Galicia to Vancouver: The Chan Centre Dot Com

Cristina is excited to be back, virtually, at The Chan Centre, in Vancouver, Canada. Her 2019 performance at The Chan, with the Cristina Pato Quartet, was listed by The Province’s Stuart Derdeyn as one of the 10 best concerts of 2019

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at the University of British Columbia, is introducing the Online-Only Fall 2020 Series featuring brand new performances by artists from around the world, including Cristina, whose concert will be available from October 23rd at The Chan Centre’s Website

Cristina will be performing a duo program named “The Inbetweener”, a journey navigating across the musical worlds she learned through her unique instruments and a journey through the different ways of understanding the role of culture in society. In her own words:

“I made my career by being in between, as a musician in between musical worlds, as a teacher in between disciplines, and as an immigrant, in between cultures…And I learned how to appreciate the beauty and importance of difference by living in between”

This show was recorded at her home in Galicia, accompanied by her long-time collaborator accordionist and composer Roberto Comesaña.

From The Chan Centre:

Cristina Pato is a vibrant and virtuosic force of nature who has spent her musical career thwarting expectations and winning over the hearts of audiences around the world with her unequivocal mastery of the Galician bagpipe. The Vancouver Sun hailed her last Chan Centre concert as “nothing short of a revelation.” Filmed in Galicia, Spain. 


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