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La Voz de Galicia – September 8, 2023 →

Cristina PatoNow that I think about it, I don’t remember very well if when I was little I awaited anxiously this moment of the year, or if I was one of those who preferred not doing quite so much a little longer. What I do remember is that the start of the school year sometimes brought along with it a complex sensations for a bunch of reasons, and I suppose that today I continue carrying that bittersweet feeling where I am conscious that something significant ends (summer with the family), and that I am not sure where the start of the school year will lead me.

During these days, some people decide to make resolutions to improve their life, or to learn something new, taking up this stage of the year with hope, dreaming of a new chapter in their personal novel. For others, this moment may mean a return to exhaustion, to running without stopping, a return to a routine not always sought, not always wished for. And there may also be students who feel nerves, or fear because the start of the academic course means a change of city, of friends, of life, of cycle…Whatever the case of each person, there is something fascinating about this time of the year. Suddenly, we are aware of how quickly nightfall comes, suddenly rain comes and light departs, suddenly one recuperates the usual rhythm of cities and villages, suddenly we go back to being ourselves and our circumstances…The parenthesis that paralyzed the country in the month of August ended (whether we were on vacation or not), and the rush began (with all its consequences).

And I, in this moment of change, will use the time to reflect about how I will be able to fulfill my personal resolutions that I promised myself some time ago: work on hope daily, leave the rush to those who can handle it, and learn to live at my own pace.

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